Welcome to Mama in the Casa!

At Mama in the Casa, we’re all about having fun as a family (in and outside the house), learning together, and exploring the rich educational and natural experiences available in our own backyard. 

What is Mama in the Casa?

This blog started out as a Gold Country-focused site. I hoped to share local events and adventures in and around Amador County.

Mama in the Casa (mom in the house) was, what I thought, a cute play on words given that we’re a bilingual family.

But it’s truly become all about a mom in the house with her kids!

I’ve been working from home and homeschooling my two boys for years. I was inspired to start this blog because there seemed to be a lack of local support for families like mine in our area. So, sharing our values is important to me as I welcome you to Mama in the Casa. 

Mama in the Casa’s Values

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Unfortunately, the surge of interest in homeschooling is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. I wish you were joining us in better times, of course. But I’m glad to help in any way possible if you have questions or concerns about educating your child(ren) at home this fall (or beyond). 

And while the site is literally titled “mom at home,” I’d like to clarify that I want this site to be a welcoming place for all kinds of families. Teaching our kids about diversity and acceptance is a cornerstone of our homeschooling philosophy. I hope it’s part of yours, too. 

The juxtaposition of COVID-19 and the travesty that is police brutality in the US is disheartening, to say the least. It’s my hope that families who come here feel accepted and validated.

I know I run a small site of little significance.

But if you’re here, know that Mama in the Casa is penned by a white woman with biracial children (for lack of a better descriptive term). I support Black Lives Matter, Native Lives Matter, Abolish ICE, PRIDE, and other social causes that encourage diversity and equality. 

Raising our kids to embrace a more inclusive future is a priority at Mama in the Casa. Hopefully, you’ll join us. 

Sticking Around and New to Homeschooling?

In recent times, homeschooling has been propelled into the spotlight, and it can be intimidating for families who are new to the concept. Fortunately, plenty of us have been quietly homeschooling for years (and loving it), and there are tons of resources to help you embrace this new normal (or at least muddle through without going nuts). 

Check out our recent blog posts on things like How to Homeschool in California or How to File a Homeschool PSA in California if you’re planning to homeschool for the first time this fall.

Or, stick around and see what else is new and interesting at Mama in the Casa. 

Thanks for joining me!