Guest Posting

As a freelance writer who’s worked on a variety of projects, I know it can sometimes be tough to get out and make industry connections.

So if you’re a freelance writer, homeschooling parent (or grandparent), or someone who does amazing things in our local area (Gold Country, California), I’d love to collaborate.

Want to work with me directly? Looking for advertising or affiliate opportunities? See the Work with Mama in the Casa page.

What you get when guest posting at Mama in the Casa

As Mama in the Casa grows, I hope to onboard writers, moms, dads, and anyone else who’s willing to pen a few posts on the goings-on in our area, stellar homeschooling resources, and personal experiences with homeschooling.

When you write with us, you’ll get:

  • A byline: I want your name on your work!
  • Links to your writer website, portfolio, blog, or wherever else you want to direct them!
  • Writing guidance and support from me (as necessary) as we craft your post
  • Social media shoutouts, tags, and engagement from me (and hopefully our readers, too!)

What Mama in the Casa guest posting submissions should be

While I don’t have strict guidelines for guest posting on Mama in the Casa, I’d love if your post included these things:

  • A catchy title with a designated keyword
  • A couple of images, as relevant
  • At least 800 words, and not more than 1500
  • Your writer bio and applicable links & social media details

If you want to propose a guest posting concept, make sure to include:

  • Your background in freelance writing, homeschooling, or a related area
  • Your contact info, including your website if applicable
  • A working title for your proposed piece
  • A brief description of the article concept
  • A basic outline of what your article will cover and how

Ready to get in touch and learn more about guest posting with Mama in the Casa? Use the contact form below to reach out.

*Currently, guest post submissions are unpaid (though I hope to change that in the future!).